The average social media user today isn’t ignorant of the fact that engagements and followers can be bought to increase or decrease an influencer’s credibility.

Buying fake followers, likes, shares or views might seem like a great way to hack Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or other social media platforms to boost one’s credibility. But is it?

Most people who engage in such activity subscribe to the notion of ‘faking it till you make it’. But faking it till you make it works best when identifying something within you that’s holding you back and behaving like the person you want to become. Studies show ambitious professionals, who wore luxury clothing in an effort to appear successful, and MBA students, who wore Rolex watches to increase their self-worth, just ended up feeling like bigger failures (hint, trying to improve your worth to others without doing the work from within backfires). The same can be said for people who purchase social media engagement or followers.

Looking at engagement rates is a good way to spot an account with fake followers, and tools like Social Blade make it easy to spot suspicious following.

Isn’t it better to have 100 true followers than 100,000 followers that don’t care about your service or product?

Here to Help

Whether your competitor is trying to ruin your account by sending a flood of fake followers to your social profiles or you’ve amassed a lot of engagements from bots because of the hashtags you used, we can help you monitor and protect your account from such activity.

We understand most social platforms don’t make it easy to automate the process of removing fake followers from your account (for example, twitter have removed access to tools that used to make it easy to remove fake accounts). Our social media account management team can efficiently sieve through your account to remove fake followers using manual methods and some of our automated in-house tools. This will save you the time to concentrate on other matters important to you.

Our Process

Immersion: We immerse ourselves into your social media profile to understand how best we can serve you.

Identification: We identify suspicious followers or engagements in your social profiles or posts and share this with you

Cleaning: We remove suspicious users or engagements in your social profile


The pricing for this service is on a case-by-case basis as it depends on your specific requirements.

Note: International business customers qualify for a 15%-20% reduction in price. Invoices quoted in foreign currencies may include a 5% surcharge to cover for conversion rates.

Why Choose Us?


Best Price Promise

We don’t see a future where clients want higher prices so we’re always working to make sure we offer the best service at the lowest prices. If you find a VAT registered UK company offering our services at a better price within 24 hours from booking this service, we will refund you the difference. Please note that this is subject to our terms and conditions


Confidentiality and Secure Service

We don’t discuss your business with a competitor or share any vital information about your business to a 3rd party without your permission. All information transmitted or stored on our servers or that of our partners are encrypted and secured with the latest technology.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We will only work with you if we’re sure we can provide great value by making an impact in your case.

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Tailoured Reporting

We will generate insightful reports to help you monitor our progress

What’s Next?

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