Hello. We’re Metricism.

We believe data is the great way to interpret the past, guide the present and shape the future.

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As our name suggests, we’re in the science of extracting useful value from the infinite amount of data out there and using this to implement informed decisions that improve outcomes for the future. This means our utility cuts through various sectors. However, we focus primarily on helping small ecommerce brands achieve growth by reaching new customers or penetrating existing ones, without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to sell your products via our ecommerce retail channels, develop a cutting-edge ecommerce site, gather both online and offline consumer insights, create and promote your service using effective traditional and digital methods or gather insights to guide your product design decisions, you’re in the right place.


To continuously use data as an instrument to improve customer experience and decision-making while working towards our vision.


To create a profitable and sustainable company that uses data to shape the future of brands, individuals and society for the better.


Metric-Driven: We are a company run by real people and guided by contextual data.

Review: We regularly review project outcomes and our business processes to account for how these might be affected by uncertainty, biases, timing and priming.

Competence: We offer solutions based on our strengths.

Adaptability and Resilience: We seek to improve and adapt to meet the changing trends in our socioeconomic landscape.

Imagination: Our culture rewards and encourages imagination in order to foster creativity.

Cost Saving: We look to find and slash unnecessary processes that increase costs.

Empathy Driven: We consider the needs of our clients, employees and the society before our own.

Transparency and Empowerment: We believe empowering the customer through transparency is an essential key to building trust. 

Long-Term Thinking:  We consider the long-term impact of every short-term decision we make.

Make Work Fun: We strive to enjoy what we do every day. 


Inbound Marketing: Inbound marketing is an essential part of marketing in our digital age and as experienced practitioners in this field, we can help create, manage, optimise and launch content that positions your brand to reach the right audience without overstretching your budget. We offer inbound marketing services such as web content writing, link building, PPC optimisation and more. 

Outbound Marketing: We can help you develop and implement a cost-effective outbound marketing strategy (both offline or online) that compliments your inbound marketing efforts to produce the best results for your brand. This includes services such as direct mail and more.

Marketing Automation: We can help you implement an effective online marketing automation system that will save you time and enable you to scale your business without hiring extra personnel.

Ecommerce: Our team comprises ecommerce practitioners with a vast experience in selling on platforms such as Amazon and eBay.  Whether you want sell your products on our ecommerce sales channels, optimise your landing page, develop a bespoke ecommerce website or application, reach new customers in emerging countries or source for raw materials for your private label product, we have solutions for you.

Programming & Technology: We can help you understand your website visitors in order to make better decisions, fix issues with your WordPress site, and develop a custom website from scratch without unnecessary costs or constraints.

Recruitment: We understand joining the right company or getting the right people to join your ecommerce sales, marketing, customer service or IT teams can be a little nerve-wracking so we can help to make this process easier and less stressful.

Research and Data: Whether you want to gather deep insights on your online or offline customers or gather pricing data on your competitors, we can help you.

Reports and Articles

Our contributors regularly publish blogposts aimed at helping ecommerce brands to make better decisions.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of individuals, who have delivered results for businesses across Europe, Asia, North America and Africa continents.

The Metricism Story

Once upon a time Giovanni Olakunori was born to West African family to parents who were both educated in the fields of Industrial Physics and Business. His parents held important positions in a church that believed having things like television or computers at home was an easy passage to committing   ‘sin’  , especially where children are involved. With an inquisitive mind and almost no toys to keep him stimulated, Giovanni found ways to entertain himself.  When he wasn’t playing with the wildlife in his garden, Giovanni spent hours away from home playing with his friends or using his snack money to pay for browsing time in Cyber Cafes. This was how he learnt to use computers and the internet. Fortunately, he was unperturbed by the punishments he received from him mother for this behaviour.

After his father passed away, Giovanni’s mother, who struggled financially to take care of her 5 children, changed her perspective on technology and even bought her son his first computer. As a teen, Giovanni  was fascinated by  the idea of building websites and attracting visitors without spending a dime on ads (because he couldn’t afford them). This was how he stumbled upon inbound marketing and web development and a few years later developed an education website which he grew from 300 unique visitors per month to over 50k unique visitors from over 90 countries without paying for traffic. Today this site is one of the largest sites in sub-Saharan Africa for education.

Giovanni dreamed of running an Inbound Marketing agency and started off helping small to mid-sized businesses across Africa and Europe to grow their visibility online. However, his studies and other passions prevented him from  pursuing this vigorously.

During his first year as a Mechanical Engineering and Management international student at the University of Edinburgh, he started epicdigits.com (he longer owns this domain), which he intended to use as a medium to help businesses improve their visibility online. He considered the site a hobby because the UK’s legislation prevented Tier-4 students from engaging in any business activity except it was volunteering.

 With the help of his closest friend, Giovanni launched several private label products, most of which were successful. In a quest to reduce risks and increase cash flow, he switched to a Just-in-time ecommerce model utilising some of the lessons he learned working for another friend who ran one of the top privately owed online clothing stores in the UK. While the business was profitable,  it faced cashflow challenges and a conflict of visions with that would enventually led to the closure of the business.

Giovanni joined The Open University to study Mathematical Sciences and Economics in 2019 as he found it flexible and affordable.

After a few years of working long working in various contract or zero-hour jobs and selling online on a small scale, Giovanni reached his savings target during the health pandemic of 2020 and metricism 2.0 was born.

Giovanni aims to use Metricism Holdings as a launchpad to develop other brands that solve some of the complex issues in the area of health, wellbeing and sustainability.