It’s easy to find dozens of “Amazon gurus” selling courses on how to make millions selling on Amazon. This has contributed to making selling on Amazon synonymous to the California gold rush of 1849.

However, the truth is selling on Amazon has changed a lot. Today, building a profitable and sustainable business on Amazon is harder than when the company first opened its doors to third party sellers.

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If you’ve encountered any of the following scenarios, we could help:

  • You find a volume (branded) product only to realise margins are miniscule.
  • You find a rare product with good sales but you discover it has been copied or other merchants have released a slightly different version in weeks. As if this is not enough, you find out that Amazon has also released its own version under the AmazonBasics brand.
  • You manage to crush your competition, but a few weeks later you found the market has been flooded with other sellers selling the same item and shipping it from abroad at subsidised shipping rates. To make matters worse, you realise they don’t have to pay local taxes or minimum wage at the same rate your business does. This makes them able to offer more competitive prices, thus reducing your sales.
  • You try to run ads only to be outbid by other sellers willing to lose money hoping to put you out of business and gain market share.

Do any of the scenarios above sound like you? If yes, then you’re at the right place.

Our Amazon consulting team is made up of ecommerce practitioners based in the UK who pride themselves in having a thorough understanding of the Amazon marketplace and how to drive business growth for brands using the platform. 

Consultancy Team Lead

Chris Puttock is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Edinburgh who chose to run his business after graduating instead of going to business school. He was a mentor for Giovanni Olakunori (the founder of Metricism and who was also a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Edinburgh). Through strategic utilisation of data and technology, Chris accelerated the growth of his business with the help of Amazon. His business has generated close to £10 million in sales from the platform selling branded products and it continues to thrive despite competing against companies with far deeper pockets and more headcount. 


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Plans and Pricing

Our basic (one-off) plan starts from £179 (VAT incl). This plan includes 1 tailored report and a 10-15 minutes phone conversation at your request.

The pricing for our premium plan is on a case-by-case basis as it depends on your specific requirements and expires after 30 days. It includes 1 tailored report every 14 days and a 15-30 minutes phone conversation at your request.

Note: International business customers outside the EU or VAT registered business customers inside the EU are not charged VAT hence qualify for a 20% reduction in price. Invoices in foreign currencies may be subject to a 2.5%-5% surcharge to cover for conversion to British Pounds Stirling (£)..

Why Choose Us?


Best Price Promise

We don’t see a future where clients want higher prices so we’re always working to make sure we offer the best service at the lowest prices. If you find a VAT registered UK company offering our services at a better price within 24 hours from booking this service, we will refund you the difference. Please note that this is subject to our terms and conditions


Breadth and Depth of Experience

Every member of our Amazon solutions team has operated profitable Amazon business with yearly ranging from 5-7 figures.


Satisfaction Guarantee

We will only work with you if we’re sure we can provide great value by making an impact in your case.

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Tailoured Reporting

We will generate a report with insights to help you accellerate your ecommerce business.


Confidentiality and Secure Service

We don’t discuss your business with a competitor or share any vital information about your business to a 3rd party without your permission. All information transmitted or stored on our servers or that of our partners are encrypted and secured with the latest technology.

What’s Next?

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